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How Domino creates new possibilities for an avian ecologist

Alex Bond is a post-doctoral research fellow based in Canada. For his latest personal project, Alex is examining millions of bird records for spacial and temporal trends. With only his personal computer at his disposal, Alex uses Domino to run R scripts essential to his research.

Setup was simple. "Once you get the feel for it," he says, "Domino makes it easy to upload code and get results."

"My project would have been impossible without Domino."

Alex Bond

Once running, Domino adds horsepower to Alex's research. He can run scripts anywhere, not tethered to university computing resources, and without limiting himself to questions answerable with 8 GB of RAM.

"My project would have been impossible without Domino," Alex says, "A run that crashed my local machine took only four hours with Domino."

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@sjGoring @DominoDataLab is awesome. Simplifies cloud computing for data analysis. Had jobs automated and running v.quickly. DM me for more


@lc_walsh @DominoDataLab saw the ad for this earlier and signed up. Guess where my next Kaggle entry will be processed?


Seconded: @PlethodoNick @DominoDataLab is fantastic. If you run lengthy or CPU intensive code for your science you should use it.


@DominoDataLab Love the way your service makes using cloud computing easier so users can focus on just doing what they want to do


@DominoDataLab is awesome! Not only is it a great service to run time(CPU)-consuming code but their customer service is wonderful.


Amazing support from @DominoDataLab to help me get the Google Analytics API up and running on their platform. This is going to be fun!!


#DataAnalysis in the #cloud - R, Matlab, Python. Upload files, play MarioKart, come back the results are ready @DominoDataLab @shane_a_lynn


Data analysis with Python, R or Matlab then take a look at @DominoDataLab for running your jobs in the cloud. Great first impressions.


Whoa... impressed! If you do any machine learning or data work, you'll want to check out @dominodatalab


If you tell your girlfriend about @DominoDataLab she's going to do work instead of watching Game of Thrones with you. FYI.


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